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Challenge:  To merge two Active Directory Domains into one common domain where people between offices could share resources, but at the same time control access to objects at a fine level. They wanted to upgrade the Active Directory environment and enhance security at the same time. They needed an Active Directory architecture where rights and permissions were clearly defined and which no one could ‘wander’ outside of their permissions realm, but still be able to do everything they had to.

Solution: DSEvolve implementation used to achieve project goals and carried out in-house using product documentation and minimal support.

“We were able to grant most of the permissions requested by the different development teams and still maintain that ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling that you get when you know you haven’t compromised your security model or the server in question. Now I’m actually starting to think about other ‘mean’ controls such as Intrusion Detection and Internet Access. When all is said and done, we’ll have an excellent and manageable security model in place with the help of DSEvolve. Thanks for your help and for the great product.”

Cirilo Rosado, Director of Enabling Technologies