Michael Page International

Michael Page International, Recruitment, Multi-national, 3,000 Users

Challenge:  As the business became more unified on a global scale, the need arose to migrate to a cohesive global IT infrastructure.  It was decided that there would be a migration into a Windows Server environment with Active Directory providing a unified administrative hierarchy allowing good autonomy for each region.  Ultimate authority for the global infrastructure would reside with the Director of Global Services and his support staff in the London Office.

Solution: DSEvolve used to link up and secure the global operation.  Early adopter and reaping continual benefits

“DSEvolve offered us an option that wasn’t available anywhere else on the market – an off the shelf architecture that enabled us to centralise our Global administration whilst allowing our regional base as much autonomy as they needed to run their IT operations. This was an ideal solution for our requirements – fast and cost effective.”

Geoff Chapman, Head of IT Globalisation