Liberty Life

Liberty Life, Financial services, Single principle site, many remote workers, 11,000 users

Challenge: Liberty Life is an old, established financial institution whose infrastructure had evolved over the years.  An audit revealed a need for more rigorous Active Directory controls to be put in place in order to meet diligence requirements and best practice security standards.

Solution: DSEvolve was used to cleanse and secure the existing Active Directory, in spite of its great size and its complex interactions with in-house code and non-windows services.

“We had a pressing need to quickly and demonstrably raise the raise the security levels of our directory after it was pointed out to us that our security was not as tight as it should be.  Our technology partner suggested we put our trust in RKeyTec and their prefab technology.  RKeyTec were able to guide us through the transition, with minimal impact to our business critical services.”

Naeem Cassim, Service Delivery Manager, Liberty Life