BUPA Saudi Arabia, Healthcare, Single site, 400 users

Challenge:  The Bupa Arabia Group Policy architecture had evolved over a period of years, but in the process had mutated into something vastly complicated and unwieldy.  This resulted in a huge administrative overhead for Bupa Arabia because the senior IT Managers were spending far too much time trying to get Group Policy to apply as they wished.  DSEvaluate also uncovered a lack of Role Based Authority within the system.

Solution: DSEvolve delivered Role Based Authority as well as a simple, strong, flexible and sustainable Group Policy architecture that was the focus of the project

“Administering our Group Policy was a challenge as our user base started to grow significantly. A micro audit highlighted the reasons behind these challenges and other potential issues. We decided to be proactive and use DSEvolve to optimise our Active Directory to ensure that it is resilient to the business needs now and in the future. It was amazing that it only took 3 days for DSEvolve to be implemented and now we have a robust and optimised Active Directory and the challenges surrounding Group Policy have gone.”

Sam Alejaga, IT Manager