Our Customers

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Great Ormond Street Hospital, Healthcare, Single site, 6,000 users

Challenge: Great Ormond Street were about to deliver a new line of infrastructure applications that required tight integration with the Active Directory.  The pre-installation investigative work revealed that the Active Directory needed optimisation in order to support the applications in a stable and secure manner.

Solution:  RKeyTec were commissioned to quickly optimise and secure the Active Directory such that the application project timelines would not be impacted.

“We were really happy with the level of service and expertise that RKeyTec brought to the Active Directory side of the project, so much so that we re-commissioned them to re-engineer other aspects of our security and identity management systems.”

Mark Large, IT Director & CIO, GOSH

Liberty Life

Liberty Life, Financial services, Single principle site, many remote workers, 11,000 users

Challenge: Liberty Life is an old, established financial institution whose infrastructure had evolved over the years.  An audit revealed a need for more rigorous Active Directory controls to be put in place in order to meet diligence requirements and best practice security standards.

Solution: DSEvolve was used to cleanse and secure the existing Active Directory, in spite of its great size and its complex interactions with in-house code and non-windows services.

“We had a pressing need to quickly and demonstrably raise the raise the security levels of our directory after it was pointed out to us that our security was not as tight as it should be.  Our technology partner suggested we put our trust in RKeyTec and their prefab technology.  RKeyTec were able to guide us through the transition, with minimal impact to our business critical services.”

Naeem Cassim, Service Delivery Manager, Liberty Life

Winchester College

Winchester College, Education, Single site, 300 Staff, 750 Students

Challenge:  Winchester College needed a robust and secure system that separated the ‘administrative’ and ‘teaching’ aspects of network service into discreet, protected entities.  Winchester College required stronger security than most corporations, due  to the sensitive information it holds regarding its pupils and their parents.  After being subjected to a sustained, malicious attack, Winchester College made the difficult, but visionary decision to re-build its entire IT infrastructure with security as the principle focus.

Solution: DSEvolve used as the foundation for the new, highly secure Windows Infrastructure.

“The biggest benefit for us using DSEvolve was that it fully secured our Active Directory in the twinkling of an eye, which allowed us to more time to concentrate on making the rest of the network Adolescent Boy Proof.”

Damien Digby, IT Manager


The Met Office

The Met Office, Government, 1 main site, 1,500 Users

Challenge:  The Met Office continued the improvement of their technology base with a migration to new Windows infrastructure. This was a logical progression from the original NT4 migration that occurred in 2002 when the Met Office moved offices from Berkshire to a brand new office and data centre in Devon.

Solution:      DSEvolve used to optimise Active Directory as part of Windows Sever operating system upgrade.

“Security is a key consideration of the way we use our computer technology. With the help of RKeyTec DSEvolve we have implemented a flexible and easily manageable security solution to the foundation of our whole computing infrastructure; our Active Directory.”

Sam Green, Technical Architect


Essex Fire and Rescue Services

Essex Fire and Rescue Services, Emergency Services, Multi-site, 1,800 Users

Challenge:  A review of the organisation’s ICT security revealed a poorly structured Active Directory and bad working practices (e.g. all or nothing approach to privileged access).

Solution:      RKeyTec were selected to cleanse and secure the Service’s Active Directory using DSEvolve to ensure that the highest security standards were met.

“Active Directory is core to the Service’s ICT security implementation.  We needed a structured, time-boxed and permanent resolution to the issues that we faced.  The RKeyTec team delivered rapid improvements in an authoritative and consultative manner, which was important to support the culture change that went with the technical changes.  RKeyTec also completed the job with excellent documentation that lends itself to being maintained.  18 months on, we have a stable and secure Active Directory that underpins and supports the Service’s exploitation of ICT.”

Christopher Massie, ICT Security Officer



BUPA Saudi Arabia, Healthcare, Single site, 400 users

Challenge:  The Bupa Arabia Group Policy architecture had evolved over a period of years, but in the process had mutated into something vastly complicated and unwieldy.  This resulted in a huge administrative overhead for Bupa Arabia because the senior IT Managers were spending far too much time trying to get Group Policy to apply as they wished.  DSEvaluate also uncovered a lack of Role Based Authority within the system.

Solution: DSEvolve delivered Role Based Authority as well as a simple, strong, flexible and sustainable Group Policy architecture that was the focus of the project

“Administering our Group Policy was a challenge as our user base started to grow significantly. A micro audit highlighted the reasons behind these challenges and other potential issues. We decided to be proactive and use DSEvolve to optimise our Active Directory to ensure that it is resilient to the business needs now and in the future. It was amazing that it only took 3 days for DSEvolve to be implemented and now we have a robust and optimised Active Directory and the challenges surrounding Group Policy have gone.”

Sam Alejaga, IT Manager


Saudi Hollandi Bank

Saudi Hollandi Bank, Banking, Multi-site, 2,000 Users

Challenge:  Saudi Hollandi Bank had an Active Directory consolidation and optimisation project.  They had realised that there were too many administrators with too much power and that this needed to be addressed by the implementation of true Role Based Authority.

Solution:      DSEvolve used to implement true Role Based Authority quickly and effectively.

“Our Active Directory project was at a crossroads, so we got in some experts to have a look at where we stood and where we were going with it. We were so impressed with the report and the knowledge of RKeyTec that we asked them to use DSEvolve to give us what we needed from our Active Directory.”

Sami H. Ali, Senior Manager



UCAS, Public body, Multi-site, 500 Users

Challenge:  DSEvaluate used to analyse the existing Active Directory.  The audit  revealed that the UCAS Active Directory was exhibiting all the classic symptoms of an Active Directory that had evolved rather than a directory that had been planned and implemented according to a clear and documented philosophy.

Solution:      DSEvolve used to mediate the audit results in a swift and cost effective manner with surety of result.

“With an AD infrastructure of over 400 users and some 100 Windows Servers, the ability to ensure security and compliance for Active Directory is our top priority. To achieve this we turned to DSEvolve and it has proven time and again a priceless tool to simplify management, documentation and ensure security.”

Ben Tyson, Infrastructure Manager


Michael Page International

Michael Page International, Recruitment, Multi-national, 3,000 Users

Challenge:  As the business became more unified on a global scale, the need arose to migrate to a cohesive global IT infrastructure.  It was decided that there would be a migration into a Windows Server environment with Active Directory providing a unified administrative hierarchy allowing good autonomy for each region.  Ultimate authority for the global infrastructure would reside with the Director of Global Services and his support staff in the London Office.

Solution: DSEvolve used to link up and secure the global operation.  Early adopter and reaping continual benefits

“DSEvolve offered us an option that wasn’t available anywhere else on the market – an off the shelf architecture that enabled us to centralise our Global administration whilst allowing our regional base as much autonomy as they needed to run their IT operations. This was an ideal solution for our requirements – fast and cost effective.”

Geoff Chapman, Head of IT Globalisation


Financial Dynamics

Financial Dynamics, Financial services, Multi-national, 500 Users

Challenge:  Financial Dynamics had grown significantly over a short period of time by acquisition of several specialised consultancies.  This led to an overall IT infrastructure comprised of several isolated and self contained systems.

Solution:      DSEvolve used to optimise Active Directory whilst providing the flexibility to accommodate business acquisitions quickly & easily.

“We were in a bit of bother with fast approaching deadlines. The Active Directory for our target migration system was not progressing quickly enough. DSEvolve RKeyTec Consultants came in and hit the ground running by using Genes is to build our Active Directory very quickly. As a result our deadlines were not impacted.”

Michael Hutton-Squire, Head of IT Infrastructure

Colchester Hospital NHS

Colchester Hospital NHS, Healthcare, Multi-site, 4,500 Users

Challenge:  The hospital decided it was in their best interests to bring I.T. support services back in-house.  A new infrastructure was required to house the reclaimed services and systems.

Solution:      RKeyTec used DSEvolve to build the new infrastructure quickly to alleviate the time imperative.  They then took on responsibility of transitioning the new services into the new Domain.

“RKeyTec had performed a similar service at one of our sister hospitals.  Once the decision had been made to establish our own I.T support services  we needed to get on with it and keep the coexistence period to a minimum.  The experience of RKeyTec allowed us to move quickly which enabled us to regain control of our systems in a timely manner. As a result we managed to migrate 4,500 users, their  files, their e-mail accounts,  and their client PCs onto a brand new domain in a single weekend and keep critical services running whilst this was achieved.”

Dave Buckingham, Head of IT, CHUFT


Taif University

Taif University, Education, Single site, 400 users

Challenge:  Taif University was a relatively new university and was in the process of rapid expansion.  The Taif University network suffered from the problem that their network infrastructure had evolved rather than been planned.  The users were are all Local Administrators of their PCs and the network was used to host a single Oracle based application that everybody was able to access and the email solution was outsourced.

Solution: DSEvolve used to deliver instantly optimised to Active Directory on which to base the new infrastructure.

“Our Active Directory was not in a suitable state to host Microsoft Exchange so we needed someone to come in and sort it out quickly and without fuss. We used DSEvolve which also gave us so much more – we thought that we would have to do more work on our AD in the future, but DSEvolve took care of our short term and long term needs.”

Saleh Alsheef, Network Administrator



Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller, Insurance, Single site, 600 Users

Challenge:  Thomas Miller wanted to outsource their Netware to Windows migration project.  The major initial requirement that their new Active Directory had to deliver was true hierarchical authority – whereby each level of employee is only allowed access to resources based on their seniority and the needs of their job.  A critical secondary requirement was full documentation of the Active Directory structures so that the existing IT Administration team would be able to effectively use and support the structures they were to inherit.

Solution: DSEvolve used to deliver true Role Based Authority, Hierarchical Authority and full documentation.

“DSEvolve was recommended to us by GSS – our long term IT consultancy provider. We were very, very impressed by how fast our (Active) Directory was built, and the combination of simplicity and sophistication that was delivered. Our expectations were definitely exceeded.”

Damian Albiez, IT Manager


Humber Mental NHS Trust

Humber Mental NHS Trust, Healthcare, Multi-site, 2,500 Users

Challenge:  The Trust had an old, creaking network that was failing to meet their business needs.  They identified that a complete infrastructure refresh was required but were not sure if there would be resources to fund it.  A solution was found whereby the infrastructure project would be funded from one financial year and the migration project from the next which meant that project timings were critical to meet this need.

Solution: DSEvolve implementation used to because of surety of rapid implementation timescales, including documentation.

“We were looking forward to our new infrastructure, but a few things surprised us. First of all the speed in which our Active Directory was built. The tender process led us to expect months, not 3 days. And when it was finished we were told we must not and, indeed, could not make any changes to it because it was working as it should. This was a pleasant shock after the high maintenance of our previous directory. We are now looking at a shift in our administrative workload from reactive to proactive, which represents real, tangible progress for us.”

Richard Brumpton, Technical Services Manager



Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust, Healthcare, Multi-site, 3,000 users

Challenge:  The hospital wanted to transition support services from a third party to an in house solution which required new infrastructure, a new Active Directory and critical services transition.

Solution:      DSEvolve used to implement the new Active Directory architecture, extend to meet the requirements of the hospital and deliver full documentation with the space of 2 weeks.

“Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust required a new Domain which would follow NHS & Microsoft Standards. We needed to deploy the domain in a live clinical environment following our fast deployment model. RKeyTec didn’t disappoint. They delivered an Active Directory on time and too a very high standard.”

Mike Casey, Director of IT


Heatherwood & Wexham Park

Heatherwood & Wexham Park NHS, Healthcare, Multi-site, 1,500 Users

Challenge:  DSEvaluate used to analyse the proposed Active Directory implementation for the new hospital infrastructure.  The main conclusion was that the proposed design could not be matured to an appropriate level of security and functionality within the required timescale.

Solution:      DSEvolve used with guarantee of timely delivery of a secured and optimised Active Directory that would exceed NHS CUI guidelines.

“DSEvolve is a rapid and cost-effective solution for our Active Directory implementation that has allowed us to divert time and resources from infrastructure build and maintenance to other technologies that will be more directly and visibly beneficial to our patients and staff.”

Mike Davies, Technical Architect


SR Group

SR Group, Business Consultancy, Multi-national, 500 Users

Challenge:  The SR technology infrastructure was fast approaching the end of it’s life-cycle, which is potentially catastrophic for a medium sized organisation. Their critical applications were Microsoft Exchange 5.5 and SyBase, running on NT4.

Solution:      SR decided to upgrade the whole network infrastructure and decided to commission the RKeyTec Team to assist and support the internal IT team with the upgrade work, and to use DSEvolve to implement a strong yet flexible Active Directory.

“Our information is our life blood – we use it as the basis for our whole business and much of it is of a highly confidential nature. DSEvolve gives us peace of mind that we have secured it to the maximum extent possible within our chosen environment.”

Mr Chris Balmer, IT Manager


RSG Media

RSG Systems, Business Services, Multi-national, 500 Users

Challenge:  To merge two Active Directory Domains into one common domain where people between offices could share resources, but at the same time control access to objects at a fine level. They wanted to upgrade the Active Directory environment and enhance security at the same time. They needed an Active Directory architecture where rights and permissions were clearly defined and which no one could ‘wander’ outside of their permissions realm, but still be able to do everything they had to.

Solution: DSEvolve implementation used to achieve project goals and carried out in-house using product documentation and minimal support.

“We were able to grant most of the permissions requested by the different development teams and still maintain that ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling that you get when you know you haven’t compromised your security model or the server in question. Now I’m actually starting to think about other ‘mean’ controls such as Intrusion Detection and Internet Access. When all is said and done, we’ll have an excellent and manageable security model in place with the help of DSEvolve. Thanks for your help and for the great product.”

Cirilo Rosado, Director of Enabling Technologies